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From 1216 to 1789 Ellingen was the residence of the District Commander of the Bailiwick Franconia of the Teutonic Order. Several medieval buildings and a Renaissance building preceded the present-day palace and surrounding park, built from 1708 to 1760. The architect Franz Keller built the existing main building between 1717 and 1721 according to the plans drawn by Wilhelm Heinrich Behringer and under the direction of Carl Heinrich von Hornstein. Various frescos, wall paneling and floors, stucco by Franz Joseph Roth have all been carefully preserved from this period. Pierre Michel d’Ixnard created the porticos in the courtyard during reconstruction in 1775.

In 1815 King Maximillian I. Joseph gave the palace to his Field Marshal, Carl Philipp, Prince of Wrede, who had some rooms decorated with silk and paper wallpapers as well as furniture, glass and bronze figures from Paris. Around 1939 the Princely Wrede family sold the palace to the Bavarian State.
It is maintained today by the Bavarian Administration for Castles and Palaces which carried out many conservation measures around 1990, such as removing the debris from the attic and the renovating the foundations.

The palace is situated opposite the FÜRST CARL brewery.

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